Why are some plants insectivorous plants? Top 10 Examples!

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Why are some plants insectivorous plants? Top 10 Examples!

Some plants are insect eaters because they do not get enough nitrogen and depend on the insect to get enough nitrogen. These plants have the ability to synthesize their own food and are therefore called autotrophs.

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1- Serosenia – In this plant, the sac-like leaves are adorned in a bunch on the ground. There are some glands on these attractive colored leaves which contain honey. Insect moths go inside the pouch because of its color and honey and get stuck in the thorns and cannot get out.

2- Drosera – It is also called sundews. On the edge of its rounded leaves are red knob-like hairs, from which a sticky juice keeps coming out. This juice sticks to small insect moths and then by turning the knobs, surrounds it from all sides.

3- Utricularia – It is also called bladderwort. Its leaves are round balloon-like. As soon as an insect-moth comes near it, the fibers present in it cling to it. The enzyme released in the leaves helps in eliminating the pests.

Why are some plants insectivorous plants? Top 10 Examples!
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4- Pitcher Plant – It is also known as Nepinthis. It has bags of honey towards its mouth and side. Insect moths get attracted by the color of the jug and lose their lives in the greed of honey. Due to the smooth wall, they are not able to come out even by crawling. It is also known as Ghatparni.

5- Dionia – In this, the trap that catches insect moths is the leaves adorned on the ground. It also hunts like Drosera. Its two leaves act as prey for it, the hairs on which are so active that even the presence of an ant is recognized. As soon as the prey comes closer, it swallows it in 1 second.


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