Environmental Issues 2022

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Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues 2022

Land, air and water are the three basic necessities of man. Their proper and judicious use is essential for mankind. There are natural mechanisms to maintain the basic ocomposition and structure of these ecological units. An ecological balance is therefore observed.

This ecological balance is the prerequisite for the proper growth and development of living organisms. But increasing requirements of man have resulted in severe disorders in this balance.

Man has converted the life supporting zone of the whole world according to his Own convenience. Due to the continued economic growth, mismanagement of natural Tesources to meet the human needs and to satisfy the increasing greed and population explosion, our environment has become a rotten place.

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There are many definitions for pollution. Acording to Odum Pollution is an
undesirable change in the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of our air, land and water that may harmfully affect human life and desirable species or that may waste or deteriorate our raw material resources.”

In short, pollution can be defined as any undesirable change in the natural
composition of biosphere.

Pollution may be natural or man made. But in the last few decades, the major cause of environmental pollution has been the human activities. The agents and factors which result in pollution are called pollutants.


The main sources of pollution are:

1. Domestic Sewage

The domestic sewage includes household sewage, excreta, and laundry detergents, which contaminate water sources and the solid wastes from kitchen and other sources that contaminate the land. The domestic sewage pollutants are biodegradable pollutants and occur as sulphates, nitrates, chlorides and some organic compounds

2. Industries

The recentdy developed industrial complexes such as petrochemical complexes, vegetable oil plants, synthetic material plants for distilleries blast hurnances, etc, all produce a variety of pollutants which are depositca oil refineries fertiliz factories, fibres, tubber, plastic, paper mills,t drugs, textile and sugar factories, chemical factories, in the nearby water source.

Smoke and Grit

Smoke 1s produced by the burning of coal ancd mineral oils, which are burnt at houses and factories. 1 his nberates-SO, CO,, CO, the smoke and soot, which contaminate air.

Automobile Exhausts

The exhaust gases are produced by the combustion of petrol and diesel in the
tomobiles. Every gallon of petrol consumed, releases about 3 pounds of carbon onoxide, 15 pounds ot nitrogen oxide, each of which is sufficient to contaminate mon 8,00,000 to 0,00,000 c.c. of air. The automobiles exhaust contains carbon monooxide, haust contains carbon monooxide, OxI
vides of nitrogen, sulphur compounds, organic vapours, aldehydes and ammonia.


Substances or factors, agents, which cause pollution, are known as pollutants.

Pollutants change the natural balance of environment and thus cause pollution.
Pollutants stimulate or terminate the vital reactions of an organism and thereby change the normal activity.
These are mainly the by products of mans actions.

Types of Pollutants

Pollutants are mainly of two types

Biodegradable Pollutants

these pollutants are originated from some living source. These can be decomposedy microorganisms. However, the decomposition becomes difficult when such materials by cumulate in large quantities

Example: Domestic sewage, cloth, paper, wood, etc.

Non-Degradable Pollutants

physical and chemical agents present in the environment. There is nature for thier recycling. Therefore, these pollutants, continue to These do pollutants are neither decomposed by microorganisms nor do these materials break down by physical treatmet the large useful space on the earth.


num cans, plastic, compounds of mercury, DD1, glass, etc


Global Environmental Issues Challenges and Solutions: Human movement, which once played an important role in the environment, has effectively brought nature to the limit of destruction in a few years. This has been possible due to the development of the socio-economic and technological system, which in the last 200-300 years did not make the society feel part of the major changes in the relationship with other elements of the environment. This isolation has given rise to environmental problems. And in the last 100 years, there has been a huge increase in the human population, due to this the demand for food, water, electricity, roads, vehicles and other items has also increased.
As a result, a lot of pressure is being put on our natural resources. Even today, we need that without stopping the process of development, we should stop the degradation and degradation of our important natural resources and save it from getting polluted. Once again start understanding yourself as an integral part of this natural environment. Environment is a universal problem. Therefore, cooperation is needed at the global level for this. International cooperation in this direction requires consideration of socioeconomic and technological paradigms affecting nature and accelerating environmental problems.

The problem of short research

The presented short research problem is Global Environmental Issues, ‘Challenges and Solutions’. It contains the challenges and solutions arising in the present times of the global environment. In this, an attempt has been made to study the study and challenges related to the global environment.

Global Environmental Issues, Challenges and Solutions

Objectives of the study work.

The global environment is a big issue, and the issues and challenges associated with it are serious. And it is necessary to find a way to improve the good environment and human life on earth, the purpose of the global environment is to try in the work related to its solution, with this inspiration we move towards the solution of the problems related to natural.

Literature Review

International Relations, Tapan Biswal

Form licking


Research Science Research Journal, 2016


The global environment is a serious challenge at the present time, the solution of which needs to be found by all the countries of the world unitedly.

Research Design and Research Methodology

Historical and analytical method has been used to make the study meaningful.

Sources of data collection and method of study

The facts have been obtained through secondary sources, such as books, periodicals, internet, libraries method has been used.

Global Environmental Issues, Challenges and Solutions

Importance of Study

To read and teach about the environment means to read and teach about every aspect of our life, we have to establish this connection. Environmental studies are part of disciplines around the world. From chemistry to geography and history, it is related to our life. The best way of environmental education is to keep taking lessons from the events around us. Environmental studies can never remain a book study, but to understand it, it is necessary to understand the real life. There is no one solution to the problem of environmental management. We have to humbly admit that we do not understand the environment very well.


The present dissertation is divided into four chapters- 1. global environmental problems

Determination of Environmental Problems in International Program

Global Environment and India

A Step Toward Conservation

10 Prospective studies- The role of climate change can be studied.

Global Environmental Issues Challenges and Solutions

Global environmental problems:-

Human population has increased tremendously in the last hundred years. Due to this there has also been an increase in the demand for food, water, houses, electricity, road vehicles and other commodities. As a result, our natural resources are under pressure and air, water and land pollution is increasing. We still need to stop the degradation and degradation of our important natural resources without stopping the process of development and save it from getting polluted. Global Environmental Issues, Challenges and Solutions

Earth is a unique planet in the solar system because it is the only planet on which life exists. The existence of life on earth has gone through several stages of development. Man represents the new stage of this evolutionary process. Human beings have been favored by nature since the early stages of development. For example, a great flood or a volcano has the power to make humans descendants. In an attempt to control nature, man has continuously endangered the existence of the earth. Our environment is dynamic and it is constantly changing and developing. One thing is clear in the twentieth century that humans have made an ecological impact on the earth that our activities are now creating changes in the environment. Despite the direct evidence of environmental problems like climate change, changes in the natural landform of the earth, we are still doing such activities which are promoting these problems. As the world population increases and consumption of natural resources increases, so will our understanding of environmental problems.


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